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Dark Site

Dark Site

The third Sam Dryden thriller
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On an otherwise unexceptional morning, Sam Dryden finds himself the target of a carefully planned abduction by a prepared, trained attacker. Dryden, however—a former Special Forces operative—manages to overcome his assailant, learning in the process that a woman named Danica Ellis is also being targeted. Desperate to find out what is going on, Sam Dryden races to her location, arriving just in time to save her. But the mystery only deepens. Dryden and Ellis have nothing in common, don't recognize each other, and there's no reason for either of them to be the object of such lethal scrutiny. The only clue is a heavily redacted, official-looking document given to Danica by her stepfather before the attack.

Dryden immediately recognizes it as a "scrub file," a record of what a subject knew before their memories were chemically destroyed. The redacted document refers to witnesses and to a secret military site in Ashland, Iowa in 1989. Both Dryden and Danica Ellis lived in Ashland in 1989, when they were twelve years old, though neither of them has any memory of the town or of each other.

Dark Site interweaves two stories: the present day, when Dryden and Danica try to elude the forces that are after them, and the past in Ashland, Iowa, when both were children, making a discovery that would forever change their lives.

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Minotaur, hardcover, May 2019, ISBN: 9781250030795


"Bestseller Lee's riveting third Sam Dryden novel reads like an amped-up version of TV's Stranger Things... This is a compulsive, nail-biting, stay-up-all-night thriller."
   —Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

"As always, Lee builds tension superbly...Lee manages to build character and create an audacious premise without ever taking his foot off the throttle."

"Dark Site reads like a Tom Clancy techno-thriller as channeled through Lee Child's Jack Reacher... thriller writing of the highest order."
   —Providence Journal

"Dark Site is a suspenseful, action-fueled adventure filled with big mysteries and adrenaline-pumping sequences."
   —Mystery Scene